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due to some unavoidable reasons this blog has moved to here to proceed


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Download videos from you tube

June 19, 2007 at 5:51 am (youtube)

hey guys this is a simple trick to download videos from youtube.Suppose you want to download just add “kiss” (without quotes) in the address bar i.e the url should look like and press enter.Just click download now in the new page to save the video to your local disk.

PS:Make sure that you have flv player to play the you tube videos

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Free Rapidshare Premium Accounts

June 17, 2007 at 6:13 pm (Uncategorized)

So you are here for free rapidshare premium accounts!!!!!.Actually there is nothing that can give free accounts freely(wihtout some effort from your side).If you are an ambitious,lazy fella like me you would have already understood this fact.Lets get into the business of generating free rapidshare accounts.This requires some effort,patience….here it goes
Method 1:

  • Rapidshare periodically releases free premium accounts for its users.These accounts are valid for a few days,so you need to update this as and when it expires.For this you need to upload files in rapidshare and when someone downloads those files u’ll gain some premium points.
  • There are some tools which notify you about the release of free accounts. RapidCheck is one of them and infact the best i have found till now.It is a small tool which resides in your system tray and checks for the new releases at rapidshare.
  • Click here to check for the new releases new releases.If you know something about batch files you can actually create the software for your self!!!!

Method 2:

  • This is very useful if you have a dynamic ip address and the only reason for this quest is to avoid waiting between consecutive downloads in rapidshare.Just delete the rapidshare cookies and restart internet connection after you finish a download,u r done!!!!.Now proceed to the next download.I recommend using OPERA browser so that you can delete the cookies easily.

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Well first of all a warm welcome for visiting my blog.You will findĀ  loads of stuff here,go explore it for urself

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